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quote We had a great, hectic, but great time! We were so happy that we started out with having massages with you! Here is a link to the review we wrote on Yelp
Thanks again!

– Jim Dunlap and crew from Jersey

quote I was visiting Maui and found Laura on the internet. She arrived just as she said she would at my condo in Kapalua. I had one of the best massages I have ever had in my life. She's amazing and really loves what she does and it shows. Thanks so much Laura. unquote

Sincerely John Ross - Vancouver B.C.

quote I met Laura about six months after spending almost a year in bed with auto-immune liver disease. My body and muscles were in very bad shape. Laura worked on me many times before she left Kauai. I have had a lot of bodywork through the years including six 10 session rounds of Rolfing. Laura is one of the best practitioners that I have found. I only wish that she would move back to Kauai instead of living on Maui. unquote

– Bob Keown, Kauai, Hawaii

quote I have had many massages in my life and none of them helped to improve my health like Laura's massages. I was fortunate to get a series of massages from her. The massages not only helped the problems I was having at the time but helped to re-align my body so I wouldn't get reoccurring problems. Laura has been given a healing spirit and thankfully she shares it with us. unquote

– Gloria Keown, Kauai, Hi

quote Laura's reflexology work is very thorough and very therapeutic, and I would recommend her others (if she and I would stay in the same place long enough for us to know where the other is). Laura is THE ONLY reflexologist I've ever been to! After my first reflexology session with her, I had no reason to look elsewhere for other reflexologists. Her work is great, she's friendly, patient, respectful, and professional, and she has very good hands. unquote

– Yonathan Hormadaly,

quote As a massage therapist vacationing in Maui I received several massages and a Rolfing session from Laura Cavanaugh. Laura is an exceptional therapist with a keen intuitive sense. Her massage and Rolfing techniques are restorative on a physical and mental level. She launched my vacation with her great hands and calming energy. If you're looking for a wonderful massage experience call Laura. unquote

– Howard Mermelstein LMT New York

quote I have received the full 10 series of Structural Integration Sessions on 3 different occasions. I am grateful for all 3 of my Rolfers over the past 17 years. Laura is, by far, the most intuitive and professional among them... unquote

–A. Claybourne, Haiku, HI

quote Honestly I have never had a massage quite this good. Laura was professional, she was 10 minutes early, and very understanding to each of our needs. She was ready to help both my wife and I with the athletic problem areas (mainly lower back) that we had. If I lived in Maui I would get a massage once a week and only from Laura. The only thing is I dont think I will ever appreciate a massage in LA now that I know how good it can be. unquote

–Michael vacationing Maui

quote I had chronic back and neck issues that never seemed to go away from years of playing hard and because of a few sports injuries. I was a regular at the chiropractor's office for years. I decided I didn't want to do that any longer since it was not a sustainable 'fix' for my chronic pain. I had heard of structural integration, but didn't know much about it. When I researched for a practitioner on-line, I was drawn to Laura Cavanaugh's website among the many. It was full of information and I felt like I found someone who could help me. I sent her an email and she responded right away. I decided to try the 10 session program. When my husband heard what I was going to do, he jumped aboard for the 10 session program as well. I always looked forward to Laura's visits, I always felt so good after a session and she knew what my body needed from each session. It has been almost two years since we finished our sessions and I have no chronic neck and back pain! I don't even think about it any longer, nor do I have to rely on ibuprofen to help me get through a long day. Thank you, Laura! unquote

– Teresa E., San Diego, CA

quote I just got a massage from Laura and it was FABULOUS! she arrived at our condo on time. She was very attentive to my body and surrounding throughout the massage. And she was very professional. I had some questions about reflexology and she was helpful in answering them. I have had several reflexology sessions in the past and this was THE BEST. I highly recommend Laura for massage in Maui...I only wish i could take her back to Seattle with me:-) unquote

– S.D., Seattle, WA

quote Laura gave me massages for many months. After I discovered her and her expertise, I never went to another massage therapist. She tunes in very completely to whatever is going on in the body, and perhaps even the soul and spirit. All I know is that after an hour beneath her strong and capable hands, I always felt absolutely marvelous. I very much miss her body work, and know that anyone who has a body treatment with her will be as delighted as I have always been. Good luck, Laura. You are truly talented in what you do. unquote

– Margaret, Kaua'i, Hawaii

quote I highly recommend Laura Cavanaugh and her mobile massage business----she is prompt, unintrusive, and a great masseuse. I have had a monthly massage for numerous years, but the ease and comfort of never having to leave your home to have your massage is pure delight. She pays great attention to detail and gives a marvelous massage----I especially enjoy the foot portion of my massage, regenerates me. She is a lovely lady and a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend her talents. unquote

Cheryl Henderson, Lahaina, Hawaii

quote Very rarely does a practitioner have the deep understanding and ability to apply physiology and the gift of touch in a relaxing massage . The results are not only practical in their application and results, but extraordinary in their experience. That is why I will always recommend Laura Cavanaugh, LMT first. unquote

– Elijah TRotsky Dittersdorf LPT, MS, MA

quote I saw Laura while in Maui, while on vacation. I have been taking a series of neuromuscular treatments known as rolfing, and I contacted her because she did something very similar - neuromuscular integration. I don't understand the politics but found her treatment great.She worked on my legs and my back. Her treatment has relieved my limp, and helped relieved my back strain. I would recommend her to anyone in the Maui area. She also provided massages for two of my daughters and my wife. All were thrilled - my wife said this is the best massage she's had in years. unquote

– Dr. Barry Lycka

quote ATTN: To all in pain

Laura has been my saviour. I found her years ago, when I was suffering from sciatica. It had reached the point where I couldn't drive, sit in a movie, or just watch TV in bed, without my right hamstring and glute killing me. On drives lasting longer than an hour I had to place a golf ball, or my fist under my hamstring. Then a friend recommended Laura's blend of myo facial work and three sessions later - no more pain!

Since then, I've been to her for Achilles Tendonitis, tennis elbow, back out-of-whack - you name it - and she's come through for me. The funny thing (sadly, not the "ha-ha" kind) is - I've never been to her for a "relaxing" massage, I've only gone to her when I've been in need of deep tissue work. But I'm sure, with her easy-going nature and on-going schooling, she'd be wonderful at any type of massage. Her leaving L.A. is truly L.A.'s loss."

– Jim D., Santa Monica, CA

quote We have been into various healing arts for a long time & regard massage as an integral part of our mind and body health. Laura is one of our favorites because of her knowledge in body work & rolfing. In fact, since meeting her, we have a difficult time going to anyone else as we are always happy with her service. The only problem is that there isn't two of her! She is extremely easy to get along with, kind and empathic as well as attentive, responsive and gifted in her work. Additionally, she always makes sure that we are comfortable/warm, remembers personal details and gauges accurately the level of pressure we need. Our bodies always feel grateful and blissful after being in her care. We will both miss her very much as she leaves for another home. Lucky are those that will live close to her next. unquote

– Katrien and Edgar, Los Angeles Artists

quote Great sports massage. Just what I needed . Laura made it easy, came to our condo right on time. Worked on both me and my wife. Will definately use her again unquote

– Marshall V. Maui vacationer

quote My wife started a course of structural integration with Laura, and, even though I had no specific physical complaint, I thought I would give it a try, too. After each session I felt energized, and after 10 sessions I felt as if my whole body had had a thorough tune-up. I wholeheartedly recommend Laura." unquote

– Frederick Z, San Diego CA.

Laura Cavanaugh LMT

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