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7 Ways Sports Massage Improves Performance

Sports Massage

Laura at Maui Massage

Sports massage is used to warm up muscles before an event or any intense workout you may have planned. The idea behind pre-event massage is to warm up muscles prior to enduring a heavy work load in order to 1)increase blood flow and circulation 2)prevent injury 3)prime the muscles to work at their peak performance. Once the muscles and body system are warmed up stretching can occur without threat of injury prior to the sporting event. Even though "hot spots" or trigger points may be present and crying out to be worked on at this time it is best to wait until post-event when deep tissue massage therapy is called for.

A sports massage post event is the best thing you can do for your body in order to prevent injury and days or weeks of soreness. Even if you are sore a post-event massage will be completely enjoyable for you - remember severe pain and discomfort is not the goal when receiving a bodywork session. Laura Cavanaugh's focus is to ensure that muscles are being treated with the utmost care so pain is released and they are once again returned to full extension.

Laura also utilizes the side-lying position for many athletes because of the greater access to the hip, trapezius and IT band areas. Whether you just finished the Iron-Man on Kona, Haleakala DownHill Bike Ride, Makawao Rodeo or a round of Golf on the Blue Course in Wailea a sports massage can be tailored to keep you injury free and on the top or your game.

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