Maui Deep-Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massages are Highly Addictive.

You want your Deep Tissue Massage Therapist to work with your body so the Deep Work is highly effective and not excruciatingly painful.

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Deep Tissue Massage 

Laura at Maui Massage

Deep Tissue is theapeutic massage using slower movement and increased pressure focused at the deeper layers of muscle in the body. Good for loosening chronic holding patterns and helping restore the free flow of oxygen throughout tense/contracted muscle tissue and the entire body. Deep pressure will also contribute to the release of endorphins. Endorphins are secreted in the brain and help the body diminish the awareness of pain. Although unproven by scientific research, it is thought that massage inhibits pain by stimulating the release of endorphins.

Not to be confused with a massage where you feel like you are being pushed through the table. I go only as deep as your body will loosen and accept the pressure. Deep does not equal pain, you should feel lighter and free moving after the session.

Did you kayak too much over the weekend? Over exert yourself on the golf course? Tweak your back getting out of bed? A Therapeutic Deep Tissue massage session is great for pain relief, quick recovery from over exertion and rehab of an injury which is no longer in the acute stage. Scar tissue is often dispursed with deep tissue friction as well as "working" out a "knot" or muscle spasm which has lingered too long in a person's body. In order to be effective Deep Tissue work is best when staying within the 7-8 range on a 1-10 scale of intensity. Drink plenty of water before and after your session to help your body flush out unnecessary particles. Most of all remember to breathe as this is often the missing ingredient in a relaxed body.

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